idBlocks by MACSA

///idBlocks by MACSA

idBlocks by MACSA


Its modular design allows for a wide variety of standard models. In particular, the 400 mm diameter label reel capacity and the control of the smart backing paper collector without the use of friction elements.

About the Product

  • The construction of the different modules with top-quality components such as anodised aluminium, technical plastic and the use of devices from leading manufacturers give the idBlocks great reliability and an optimum performance.
  • The possibility of using OEM printers means that this labelling machine can be adapted to any printer module on the market, making maintenance easier and allowing the use of backup replacement printer modules.
  • The wide variety of applicators available (over 100 different variants) enables the right applicator to be chosen for the requirements of the application.
  • The standard applicators adapt to practically all market needs.
  • The touch screen allows for easy handling of the labelling machine’s configuration parameters. It also enables the state of the unit and testing tools
    to be monitored for the purpose of maintenance and fast problem location.
  • The diversity of external communications including Ethernet give flexible interconnection with the production lines and allow the unit’s state
    to be monitored remotely and the unit to be easily integrated in automated production lines.

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